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Battery powered
Max capacity Kg. 4.500
JMG designed and manufactured, box type, torsion resistant design of high strength structural steel.
Automatic on the rear wheel.
Made of moulded and welded quality steel plate, comprised of a base unit, a hydraulic telescopic system and two manual extensions.
Steering on the rear wheel. Max. steering angle ± 90°.
1 Electric motor 2,6 kW 24 V AC)
2,5 kW 24 V DC Motor
24 V 420 Ah battery charging indicator..
Hydraulic system powered by a silenced gear pump. Actuators controlled by lever distributor. Filter and safety valve. 22 MPa max. working pressure.
Rear axle by reducer.
Electronic load moment indicator..
Front: 2 Superelastic 18x7x8" - Rear: 1 Polyurethane 255/80.
Hydraulic winch - High speed winch - Jib - Non-marking wheels - Hydraulic boom with manual extension - Man basket - Hydraulic chain hoist - Cable remote control - Radio remote control - Front wheels braking system.

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